Cold Drawn Seamless (CDS)

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About Cold Drawn Seamless

Cold Drawn Seamless (CDS) tubing is used when heavy wall thicknesses, unweldable grades of steel, or both are required for a specific application. CDS affords superior dimensional tolerances, better surface finish, higher physical properties, and better machinability than Hot Finished Seamless.

CDS tubing inherently possesses a high strength-to-weight ratio and can be processed to provide a combination of desired characteristics: tight dimensional tolerances, good surface quality, excellent micro-structure uniformity, good machinability and high tensile properties.

CDS is produced in standard carbon and alloy grades, as well as non-standard grades.  PTCAlliance can supply Cold Drawn Seamless with annealing or hardening heat treatments per customer specification. 


Typical Applications: Hydraulic Cylinders, Heavy Equipment, Automotive & Transportation Components, Shaft Tubing and Hydraulic Lines


Size Ranges
Imperial: 3.000” OD – 12.625” OD .700” Wall – 1.500” Wall
Metric: 76.20mm OD – 304.80mm OD 17.78mm Wall – 38.10mm Wall

Other sizes outside this range may be within our capability, please inquire to