Electrical Resistance Welded Tubing (ERW)

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About Electrical Resistance Welding

Electrical Resistance Welded (ERW) products can be an ideal choice when strength-to-weight ratio is critical, or when bending, flattening, flaring or other types of fabrication will be required. For many applications including prop and drive-shaft tubing, steering column components, recreational equipment, and valve casings; ERW products offers significant cost savings throughout the fabrication process. Because of its excellent workability, scrap loss is minimal. Due to its uniformity and concentricity, lighter walls can be specified, reducing the allowance for stock removal.

Hot Stretch Reducing

Hot Stretch Reducing is an additional process for ERW products. This process involves taking the ERW tube, heating and passing the product through a series of rollers that reduce the size of the tube in one relatively fast operation. This is advantageous for customers, improving size ranges that PTC Alliance can offer. While a typical ERW mill can produce limited size ranges, PTC Alliance can further reduce products, while preserving the ductility and elasticity. Hot Stretch Reducing is ideal for A106 Seamless and Seamless Boiler tubing.


Applications Include: Axle Housings, Vehicle Frames, Conveyors, Boiler Tubing and more.


Size Ranges
Imperial: .750 OD – 10.750 OD .035 Wall – .700 Wall
Metric: 19.05mm OD – 273.05MM OD .89mm Wall – 17.78mm OD

Other sizes outside this range may be within our capability, please inquire to 

Round and Shaped Tubing Possible


Standard Grades
1008 1010 1020
1026 ST52.3