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Environmental & Safety

material-safetyEnvironmental Health & Safety

Safety and environmental protection are key PTC Alliance core values.  We are committed to improving the safety conditions for the men and women working within our facilities, and are dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations. PTC Alliance continually evolves new initiatives to realize these values. 

Our safety initiatives are part of PTC Alliance’s culture of continuous improvement. These efforts include job hazard analysis, internal safety auditing, near miss reporting, and safety programs tailored specifically to our operations.   

At PTC Alliance we embrace our corporate responsibility to be stewards of the environment, and are committed to reducing the impact of our activities. This commitment includes implementing engineering controls, employee training, and responsible work practices. Initiatives are in place to reduce wastes associated with our operations by recycling and reusing materials. PTC Alliance also reviews raw materials to ensure the least hazardous material is used as part of our operations.